Changing Lives Through Missions

New Life Children’s Home is all about orphans and the love of children. We have a special place in our heart for the thousands of children that are suffering every day in Haiti. Will you help support us over the next year?

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Our goal is simple.
Help the children of Haiti.

New Life Children’s Home was established in 1977 when God showed us the immense suffering of starving and dying children in the remote mountain villages of Haiti. People would walk for hours over the rugged terrain- in desperate need for medical care- to the open air clinics we held in these mountainous regions. These people and their children were suffering from every disease known and unknown to mankind.

A simple line illustration of two slices of bread.

100,000 children

under the age of 5 suffer from acute malnutrition

A simple line illustration of a tent with stars and a crescent moon above it.

Less than 50%

of Haitian households have access to safe water

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59% of People

live on less than two dollars a day

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80% of people

are severely anemic due to lack of vitamins, iron and iodine

Christmas For An Orphan

Our Story

Can you imagine growing up in a poor orphanage never hearing the Christmas story? Help us to give an orphan child a hot meal, games and laughter, a gift and transportaion. We have invited 500 orphan children from  small less fortunate orphanages to spend Christmas day with our children. Your gift of $25 per child will give a child a memorable day because of your love!

How you can help

Below are our most popular options how you can help the children of Haiti.


Help us support these orphans by joining The Cause, and sponsor a child in need.


Donate today and feed a family all year long. It’s as simple as a click of a button.


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