Our Work

Our goal is to rescuing the sick, dying and abandoned children of Haiti. Bringing hope to areas where there is none. Providing adequate medical care, clean safe drinking water, weekly feeding program and establishing schools in the remote area of southwest Haiti near Pestel. We are providing lifesaving food, wells, medical care in the slums of Citi Soleil. We are determined to making a change to the conditions that people suffer in every day.

New Life

Our Progress.
It makes a difference.

Our outreach has made the difference in entire villages of people that receive little or no help. Water-Food-Shelter-Medicine and Education is bringing hope where there is none! Our efforts are impacting remote areas where no help has come before.

We have heard over and over again “You are the first people to ever visit our village”.

a simple line drawing of a hand holding a heart symbol with a health cross inside, with hearts scattered above it.

2 in 5 Children

will die before the age of 5

a simple line illustration of cross between a money bag and a piggy band with coin money going inside.

90% of People

in the mountains live in extreme poverty

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6 Villages

we have built feeding/shelter buildings

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10s of thousands

of children go to bed hungry every night

See a little of what we do
A picture of the children in an outdoor classroom, with a child writing on the chalkboard.
A child writing on a chalkboard with a backpack on.

Education is for the masses,
not the few.

Education is key to changing Haiti’s future!

90% of all the schools in Haiti are privately run. 45% of all the children in Haiti attend schools. Many parents cannot afford education for their children. Most children graduate school with a sub- standard education. New Life is committed to making sure our children get a quality education and have an opportunity to learn a trade or attend a University. New life has hired accredited teachers to ensure of a good education.

No child should go to bed hungry.

Hunger and malnutrition dominate Haiti’s children. New Life has developed feeding programs to help combat hunger. We are feeding hundreds of children on a weekly basis though our feeding program. We receive containers of food throughout the year from different donors. These containers cost thousands of dollars to remove from the port. So many children depend on these shipments. Our children at our facility never go to bed hungry!

A group of children eating

Shelter for those in need.

Natural disasters have played a role in many homes and roofs destroyed. New life has repaired many roofs and houses. Our” supply a roof campaign”

has raised more than $30,000 to help restore roofs to people who cannot afford to buy materials. We help to find housing for many widows and families in need.  New Life Children’s Home has become a place of refuge for hundreds of sickly, dying, and abandoned children. We oversee other small orphanages to ensure that those children have a place to sleep.

A young child getting a dental check-up


New Life has become a place where sick and dying children can be nursed back to health again. There have been many adoptions orchestrated through our organization, offering children a chance at a better life. Many children we encounter never have had a chance to see a doctor. Many of the children we see are anemic. Our children at New Life are fortunate to be able to have doctor and hospital visits.

A group of New Life Staff getting children energized in a church

Spiritual Growth

We are a Christian based organization. It is our duty before God to ensure that the children that go through our facility are presented the ability to live sound Christian lives. We are mandated to make sure our children grow up in a Christian environment. Our onsite church is geared towards the children spiritual growth.