New Life Children's Home and Rescue Center in Haiti was established in 1977 as a home for abandoned, handicapped and orphaned children, many of which suffered from severe malnutrition and disease before coming to New Life. Every child here is a miracle of God's love. We also assist other orphanages and offer medical care in remote mountain villages as funds and supplies are available.

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God Did More Than We Could Ask Or Imagine

Happy New Year everyone from all of us at New Life! We have had such an awesome week. God never ceases to amaze us in the way that He provides. Two weeks before Christmas, we had no idea what we were going to do for our 100+ kids and the 50 children from another orphanage that we invited to spend Christmas day with us. They had anticipated this day for so long and we didn't want to have to cancel their trip because we didn't have enough to give or share. We prayed and then waited and watched as God moved in the hearts of people.
Someone donated a tree and the kids made homemade decorations. Some wonderful friends put together a bag of goodies for each child. Our hair salon in the US had been accepting donations and unexpectedly shared their Christmas toy collection with us. We discovered a large box of toys in the storage depot. Our New Life family gave money to provide for a party on Christmas Eve., a big meal on Christmas Day and a beautiful surprise dinner for all of our employees. We saw the miracle of what only God can do. Presents were placed under the tree and we even had enough for the other orphanage. Pappy Sam who served with us at New Life for many years was our guest of honor. He and the children from the visiting orphanage arrived and we greeted them with music, hugs and snacks. We went into the church to share the true Christmas story. The children listened so intently . Later, Jean Rony hosted games and contests of all kinds. The joy was exhilarating! After a wonderful Christmas meal, a group of clowns came to visit. There was so much fun and laughter as the kids watched the clowns perform. It was getting late and our kids met the others under the mango tree with toys for each and every one of them. After everyone was gone, we were able to give presents to some of the neighborhood kids who had nothing. We went into the room where we had been working the day before and there was a bag of toys leftover! This is so AWESOME when you consider that just weeks before Christmas, we didn't know if we were going to be able to provide gifts and now we had even more to donate to needy children. This reminds me of the miracle of the fish and the loaves! God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20) and we were humbled to be able to experience His love for us in this way.

Two great teams came this week. Mission Discovery fed four hundred families in a nearby tent city. Each received a bag with a variety of food. We have been supporting a clinic with a doctor and nurse in that same tent city. They couldn't stop thanking us and begged us not to forget them. The conditions there are miserable. We are very blessed to have 22 college students from Knox Presbyterian Church in Naperville, IL.. They came to hold Bible school classes and they are building beds for the new toddler house. They also purchased new mattresses for them. I stand amazed at our awesome God. Only the bathrooms, flooring and paint are left to finish and we are trusting God to provide. Hopefully the toddlers can be moved in by February or March. This will really take the strain off of our overcrowded orphanage.

With both teams here, we started the New Year's Eve celebration in the church with praise, worship and communion. Pastor Stan gave a short message and the presence of God was awesome. We then prepared a bon-fire where the kids roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We sent Pastor George out to get some fireworks that he had spotted the day before. We all sat on the soccer field and the show started. The kids could not contain themselves! The fireworks went up covering the sky and exploding in the air. The kids were so excited! Some tumbled with joy some did cartwheels and ran around laughing and playing. When it was over, they ran and grabbed George and the team members that helped with the fireworks. They tried to lift them into the air like football stars that had just won the game! New Year's Eve is the one night of the year that the kids are allowed to stay up. They wait all year for this and it was a night to remember. We thank God and we thank you, our precious New Life family for making our children feel so special. We pray that each of you will have a blessed year!

We love you.
Miriam and all of the staff and kids at New Life.
Love has no borders

We are a 501c3 organization, established since 1977 with our orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti and our state side offices in Lake Worth, Florida.
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" "You, the children and the people of Haiti have opened my eyes and my heart. I am spreading the word of "New Life" and the need in Haiti any opportunity I get. God strengthen and bless you and the lives you work to help." "
- Jim O'Connell