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World Harvest Missions
New Life Children's Home

PO Box 6462
Lake Worth, FL 33466
Phone: 561.868.5005 • Fax: 561.967.6699

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" Nice to have a day of rest at New Life today. After three days of being out and about, hanging out with the kids not in school and taking them for walks around the property is such a gift. Yesterday we rode along with a team from Wheaton and went to a large tent city near Cite Soliel where we fed bread and peanut butter to the children in school. As we were leaving, a mother brought her \"baby\" (who was actually 2 or 3) to me and handed me a sheet of paper. I finally understood that it was a prescription for Amoxocilin and Vitamin C syrup which she had gotten 2 weeks earlier from a clinic. With the help of an interpreter, I told her I would try to get her the medicine. With the help of New Life, we were able to send the medicine back to her. And people ask me why I continue to come back to Haiti. Here is one of them! God is so very good. "
- Jeneane Tune Ryan