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About World Harvest Missions

New Life Children's Home was birthed in 1977 when God showed us the immense suffering of starving and dying children in the remote mountain villages of Haiti. Today New Life Children's Home provides for approximately 130 children. Many of these children have been brought to us because they were abandon, and had no where to go. Every child here is a miriacle of God's love.


Our Founder

Founder Miriam Frederick

Miriam Frederick

Being obedient in the small tasks the Lord had given Miriam, God was preparing her to take on a larger calling. As the years evolved Miriam was no stranger to servant hood. Whatever the Lord had for her to do she did. While ministering to the homeless in Belle Glade and throughout Palm Beach County, God was equipping her to take on the ministry that is in effect today.

Sensitive to the promptings of the Lord, Miriam's life was forever changed when she traveled to Haiti for the first time and witnessed the incredible suffering, starving and dying children in the remote mountain villages. It was then she knew she could not turn her back on Haiti. Upon her return to the States she went to school to get her degree in nursing. After graduating she dedicated her life to help the people of Haiti.

Full of energy and enthusiasm she takes teams on mission trips throughout the year holding open air clinics and ministering the Word of God so that all will have the opportunity to know and grow in the love of Jesus Christ. She moves in the gifts of the Spirit and has a great anointing over her life. She also receives revelation of the word and ministers to others wherever she goes. She is also a licensed minister from the Independant Assembly of God and has been a member of the Church of God for many years.

Meet the Kids of New Life Childrens Home
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" Nice to have a day of rest at New Life today. After three days of being out and about, hanging out with the kids not in school and taking them for walks around the property is such a gift. Yesterday we rode along with a team from Wheaton and went to a large tent city near Cite Soliel where we fed bread and peanut butter to the children in school. As we were leaving, a mother brought her \"baby\" (who was actually 2 or 3) to me and handed me a sheet of paper. I finally understood that it was a prescription for Amoxocilin and Vitamin C syrup which she had gotten 2 weeks earlier from a clinic. With the help of an interpreter, I told her I would try to get her the medicine. With the help of New Life, we were able to send the medicine back to her. And people ask me why I continue to come back to Haiti. Here is one of them! God is so very good. "
- Jeneane Tune Ryan