About Us

About Us

About Us

New Life Children’s Home was established in 1977 when God showed us the immense suffering of starving and dying children in the remote mountain villages of Haiti. People would walk for hours over the rugged terrain- in desperate need for medical care- to the open air clinics we held in these mountainous regions. These people and their children were suffering with every disease known and unknown to mankind.

The most predominant illness was caused by malnutrition. God showed us that if we did not take the dying children to Port-Au-Prince, they would have no hope. As a result, we have brought several hundred children over the years to New Life Children’s Home. Many stayed, others were adopted, and some returned home and receive family assistance. We also have provided for many surgeries and completed many building and well digging projects in various villages. We continue to assist schools, feeding programs and medical care as funds are available in the remote mountain villages where hunger and disease remain rampant.

At first we rented a house in PAP and eventually purchased the mission property in the early 1980’s. This property is where NEW LIFE CHILDREN’S HOME is currently located. Slowly the building projects began one step at a time. When we moved the children into the home, all we had were walls and a roof.

Today New Life Children’s Home/ Medical Center provide a home for approximately 130 children. Many of these children have been brought to us because they were abandoned and had no where to go. Every child here is a miracle of God’s Love.

We have built an outside dining hall, and have outdoor toilet and shower rooms for the children. We have also been able to build a boys building apart from the girls. The children with medical and special needs have their own separate area. With God’s help and the help of our donors, we are able to continue to do the very best we can for these children.

We have a 13’ security wall due to the continued violence in Haiti. We still need so much work done at the children’s home, such as a top floor on one of the dormitories, which would enable us to expand overcrowded rooms and house other children needing help.

We have a great vision as we move forward helping the poor, sick, abandoned and/or orphaned children of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Many have given up on Haiti and have left, but we have and will continue to stay and press on because of the children. We have done the very best we could with what we have had, and now the need demands that we step out and do more.

Our goal is that each child knows Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. That as many as are able will have an opportunity for an education, will learn to speak English and will be trained in a trade that will benefit their future. But most importantly will come to know and grow in the Love of Jesus.

Our Current responsibilities are as follows:

New Life Children’s Home
1) Maintaining our Children’s Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti of 130 children. We continue to be a “Rescue Center” for abandoned, handicapped, orphaned and children with severe malnutrition and disease, nursing them back to health.
2) We have a staff of forty including nanny’s, a doctor, two nurses, physical therapists, cooks, etc…
3) Our children’s home budget is over 160,000 per year as we also have much medical costs and unexpected emergencies.
4) We provide all medical care and schooling for the children. The young adults go through training programs and trade school that they might reach they’re full potential, spiritually and naturally, and become Christ centered and productive citizens.

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" Outside this orphanage there is suffering beyond our comprehension yet, Christ has built a peaceful place here at New Life, a cornerstone to orphans here in Haiti. "
- David Moore